Florida Senate considers changes in condo associations

Sen. Jennifer Bradley said she has spent time at town hall meetings in South Florida listening to “exasperated” condominium owners.Original Article

Table of Experts: Tampa Bay leaders discuss affordable housing

In a time when escalating housing costs challenge the idea of affordability, it is essential to examine the multifaceted aspects of this issue. Ian Anderson, publisher of the Tampa Bay Business Journal, and Samar Jha, government affairs director at AARP, recently brought together several experts and business leaders to address this critical concern. The dialogue covered a wide spectrum of topics related to housing needs, ranging from low-income units to workforce solutions, and provided important…Original Article

Local developers to bring mixed-use project to west St. Pete

One of the developers said residents are looking to sell their larger homes and transition into a low-maintenance townhome product, but there haven’t been “many offerings” in St. Pete for them.Original Article

JPMorgan Chase pledges $250K to analyze Tampa Bay’s housing crisis

The Tampa Bay Partnership is conducting the research to help define the breadth of the region's housing shortage.Original Article

Exclusive: Author Glenn Cooper lists Sarasota waterfront home for $6.95 million

The home is designed for “grand-scale entertaining” and includes an extensive library and more than 1,000 square feet of outdoor space.Original Article

How the person who coined the term ‘missing-middle housing’ sees it evolving

What's now popularly called missing-middle housing has existed in some form or another for more than a century. But the term "missing middle," to describe housing that falls between a traditional single-family home and a midrise apartment building in density and scope, was officially coined by Daniel Parolek in 2010.Original Article

Not in my backyard: Zoning battles are heating up — and the NIMBY crowd has emerging opposition

Recently passed legislation provides the latest activity in the ongoing battle between the “not in my backyard” — or NIMBY — opposition to various housing developments and the more-nascent “yes in my backyard” YIMBY counter-movement.Original Article

Missing-middle housing remains lost in most US cities. Here’s why, and who’s trying to change that.

The nation's housing affordability crisis has been exacerbated by rapid home-price appreciation, demolition of naturally affordable housing to make way for more expensive new housing and an anemic construction pipeline coming out of the Great Recession.Original Article

Legacy at Jordan Park in South St. Petersburg now open

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority held the grand opening for the new senior building and celebrated the renovations of 206 units in Jordan Park in a ceremony on Oct. 27.Original Article

The $100K club: ZIP codes where it takes a six-figure income to afford a home

Home prices and interest rates have surged in recent years — and so has the number of ZIP codes where it takes a six-figure income to afford a home. Here's where it takes the most.Original Article